SQL formatting#

To enable SQL formatting, install jupysql:

pip install jupysql --upgrade

Then, a “Format SQL” button will appear in JupyterLab:


Click on “Format SQL” and you’ll see that the SQL cell below is formatted!

from pathlib import Path
from urllib.request import urlretrieve

if not Path("penguins.csv").is_file():
%load_ext sql
%sql duckdb://
select * from penguins.csv where island = 'Torgersen' limit 3
*  duckdb://
species island bill_length_mm bill_depth_mm flipper_length_mm body_mass_g sex
Adelie Torgersen 39.1 18.7 181 3750 MALE
Adelie Torgersen 39.5 17.4 186 3800 FEMALE
Adelie Torgersen 40.3 18.0 195 3250 FEMALE